v1.0.0-alpha.22.1.1 2 months ago


- Set window title and role when detaching tabs
- Add automatic bug reporting option
- Add json-glib dependency
- User manual: add Zchan images
- Add opt-in popup for checking for updates
- Move to start of double-clicked region in the editor
- Add line wraps to track comments

- Allow specifying primary and secondary user shortcuts
- Always build with libcurl
- Change `phone_home` option to `check_updates`
- Redesign bug report dialog (add text input fields and buttons to send via email/sourcehut/automatically)
- Switch to resize-loop when attempting to resize-only a selection that contains a mix of looped and unlooped objects
- Propagate errors using GError for tracklist selections actions
- Show "(!)" on channel slot if plugin instantiation failed

- Fix app.goto-prev-marker user shortcut not being read
- Fix shift-m not working for muting objects
- Fix copy-paste and cut-paste not working in editor
- Fix editor size becoming larger when double-clicking region
- Fix playhead jumping to the start of a region in the editor if placed at the end of the region
- Fix quantize/quick-quantize not working in the editor
- Fix carla plugins becoming disabled when loading a preset
- Fix crash when selecting "overwrite events" recording mode
- Fix segfault in port code
- Fix click and drag to move playhead not working in editor ruler
- Fix incorrectly assuming the current version is not the latest version when checking for updates fails
- Fix crash when pressing right arrow on MIDI notes ending before the region start
- Fix error when moving folder track
- Fix folded track objects being visible in the timeline
- Fix error when changing preroll from 2 bars to none
- Fix timeline drop highlighting not taking into account folded tracks
- Fix crash when right clicking on an audio region and applying a function
- Fix stretching of MIDI regions not working