v1.0.0-alpha.22.0.1 a month ago

Zrythm v1.0.0-alpha.22.0.1

- Add Turkish translation
- Install `zrythm_lv2apply`
- Allow renaming track lanes
- Allow applying audio functions on audio regions from the timeline
- Add nudge actions
- Add option to edit audio in an external app
- Add linear fade in/out and nudge functions in audio editor
- New dependency: vamp-plugin-sdk

- Allow bouncing audio regions
- DSP refactor: use common time struct for processing
- Update Chinese (Simplified), French translations
- User manual: add section for mascot in user media chapter
- Don't allow resizing objects if not all selected objects are resizable

- Fix non-fatal error when attempting to split region at its start
- Fix recording incorrectly being handled for auditioner tracks
- Fix track lane not being correctly fetched when drawing tracks
- Fix crash when moving a region to another lane and undoing
- Fix audio regions not being redrawn when a function is applied
- Fix crash when showing changelog on MacOS
- Fix move action not being created when resizing an dmoving notes simultaneously

- Remove unused source files for track lanes