v1.0.0-alpha.21.0.1 2 months ago

Zrythm v1.0.0-alpha.21.0.1

- Add monitor toggle to audio tracks
- Add Vietnamese translation
- Add metronome count-in
- Add recording preroll option
- Ask for save on close
- Add sends/MIDI FX to mixer channels
- Make all notebook tabs detachable
- Allow importing multiple files at the same time
- Allow overriding keyboard shortcuts
- User manual: add MIDI bindings section

- Update Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Russian translations
- Link reveal status of channel sends/inserts/MIDI FX on mixer
- Prettify file info in file browser
- User manual: move Shortcuts section

- Fix broken news button URL
- Fix crash when selected auditioning instrument is not found on startup
- Fix passing incorrect widget in file auditioning controls widget signals
- Fix error when attempting to audition MIDI file
- Fix incorrectly allowing the user to undo mid-sequence

- Remove trial time limit