gnu/linux installer ver: add libexec to PATH
noop: fix license headers
meson: add fftw3_threads_separate_type option
zrythm_gdb: remove duplicate env variable
disable sigaction change attempt on guile for now
fix zrythm_gdb on installer version
guile: disable SIGABRT before running script
meson: simplify fftw options
meson: add option to look for fftw3f separately
meson: make searching for fftw3_threads using pkgconfig optional
bundled plugins: add missing lv2 dependency
fix errors when cutting a region and snap keep-offset is enabled
upgrade to libpanel 1.0.0
make ghosted notes darker and more transparent
fix error when clicking on chord region then audio region
engine: only wait for fade out to end if engine was running
don't attempt to autosave when main window is not setup yet
make ghosted notes more transparent