dotfiles/i3blocks d---------
b381b39f — Alex David 6 months ago
Add time-tracking integration
600ef763 — Alex David 7 months ago
Update i3blocks intervals
eb575e20 — Alex David 10 months ago
Add theme switching for sway & alacritty
Increase i3blocks checkupdates interval to 25 min
Prevent low battery notification if charging
Fix i3blocks icon-only block positioning

Blocks are rendering icons with bad vertical align unless the block also
prints text. Adding a zero width space (u200b) to the block fixes this
Update i3block order
Update wifi i3block percent thresholds
Remove percent from volume i3block
Remove brightness i3block
Update battery i3block & icons
Fix mpd i3block if mpd is not connectable
Fix calendar i3block
Replace fontello with fontforge in icon generation
Use `mpc idle` instead of signal for music i3block
Add better i3blocks missing bin handling
Fix blocks mpd for env var
Update icon codes
Fix calendar block
Only display calendar block if khal is installed