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03aea1d5 — Alex David 7 months ago
Automate adding intel ucode to EFISTUB

I was doing this manually in case I ever had an AMD processor, but for
now my only two machines are intel. If I do end up getting an AMD
processor I'll automate picking the correct microcode to pass to the
a3600161 — Alex David 10 months ago
Replace fallocate with dd for swap in init script

fallocate seems to be failing despite using ext3 filesystem? Possibly an
issue with luks
64a6c7bd — Alex David 11 months ago
Update setup scripts

* Use efistub instead of grub
* Use swapfile on root partition instead of dedicated partition
* Automate calling chroot script
1648bf7c — Alex David 2 years ago
Move setup scripts into their own directory
17e535a4 — Alex David 3 years ago
Update setup
ef86046f — Alex David 3 years ago
Setup grub cryptmapper
f671624b — Alex David 3 years ago
Update setup
820627b4 — Alex David 3 years ago
Add setup script