03aea1d5542c7e581f22679d2fb7ac042e067df2 — Alex David 8 months ago a3e7cc3
Automate adding intel ucode to EFISTUB

I was doing this manually in case I ever had an AMD processor, but for
now my only two machines are intel. If I do end up getting an AMD
processor I'll automate picking the correct microcode to pass to the
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M archlinux/setup/init
M archlinux/setup/init => archlinux/setup/init +1 -1
@@ 96,7 96,7 @@ efibootmgr \
  --create \
  --label "$EFILABEL" \
  --loader /vmlinuz-linux \
  --unicode "cryptdevice=PARTUUID=$PARTUUID:root root=/dev/mapper/root rw initrd=\\initramfs-linux.img" \
  --unicode "cryptdevice=PARTUUID=$PARTUUID:root root=/dev/mapper/root rw initrd=\\intel-ucode.img initrd=\\initramfs-linux.img" \
  --verbose \