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Those are dotfiles that I use

Disclaimer : I take no responsibility on this working at yout machine

#What are those?

Those are configs that help me live better. Here they are listed:


Configuration for tmux.

#How to use?

Place it at your home directory, or make a symlink there, like this ln -s <where-repo-is>/.tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf


A configuration for vim I use.

Note: I use vim-plug as a plugin manager. Install it, if you want to use it

#How to use?

The same, as .tmux.conf


This is a config for awesome window manager. Mostly, edited default configuration, but I added some little things from myself. For it to correctly, volumeicon, xscreensaver, xfce4-terminal, network-manager-applets, and awesome vicious plugins are required.

#How to use?

Place it at ~/.config


A little project manager based on tmux sessions. To use it, ensure the workspace dir existanse in home directory and tmux installed.

#How to use?

Copy the roj.sh to place in your PATH and run roj.sh <project-name>. If project exists, the tmux session will be started in directory of project. If session is already started, it will attach it. If directory doesn't exist, it'll be created


My configuration of redshift.

#How to use?

Place at ~/.config