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#Secret Santa Letter

Hi! I'm a high school student and I am learning how to make games. I like to play rougelikes (like hades) and rpgs (like assasin's creed). I really like to read and my favorite genres are definitely fantasy and sci-fi. I am really interested in magic and technology. I’m looking forward to what you make!!

#Game idea

the year is 20XX, with the advent of flying cars and the never ending neon glow the world city, Santa has had to take a more stealthy approach. Avoid the drones and spike traps on your way to the last chimney!

Sneak around and drop of all 10 presents without being seen. If you're seen your explode and restart the level

#Art Resources


  • [x] Cayote time when running of ledges

  • [x] Jump buffer

  • [x] falling gravity modifier

  • [x] ADSR for character run speed

  • [x] load levels when you leave borders

  • [x] use collision box instead of just a single point

  • [x] Asesprite parser

  • [x] Animation Component

    • [x] add offset
  • [x] Snow particles: both in background, and on feet

  • [x] Spawn points from ldtk

  • [x] Jumping Mechanics

    • [x] fix bug where higher velocity causes falling into ground
    • [x] variable jump height
    • [x] FIXME: sticking to walls & ceilings
  • [ ] Artwork

    • [x] level tileset
    • [x] character animations
      • [x] Run
      • [x] jump
      • [x] die
    • [ ] drone hazard
  • [x] Level Mechanics

    • [x] get collision data from map layer
    • [x] move between levels
    • [x] "spikes" hazard to kill player and reset them to beginning of room
    • [x] "Drone" hazard that flys around on specific path. Looks at a direction, can be jumped on
  • [ ] BUG: able to clip into walls from going left

  • [ ] BUG: run animation sometimes doesnt stop

  • [x] Title Screen

  • [x] intermediate "Story" screen tht just describes whats going on

  • [ ] end game Chimney that santa jumps into

  • [ ] Game complete screen