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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Simple download each game and run it, or play them online at https://alectroemel.com/games . For TIC-80 games you can run the included bin/tic80 build which should run all of them.

#Ludum Dare

Number Engine file
55 tic-80 upcard-writ.janet
54 tic-80 astros-ladder.janet
53 tic-80 messenger-boy-main.janet
51 tic-80 pancake-simulator.fnl
50 tic-80 rise-n-time.fnl
49 tic-80 tectonicalypse.fnl
48 pico-8 earigator.p8.png
47 tic-80 damsel-a-day.fnl
44 pico-8 civilian_bailout.p8
43 pico-8 titan_ceremony.p8


Number Engine file
2023 tic-80 SPRINT.janet
2022 tic-80 a-dice-garden.fnl
2021 tic-80 wizard-graph.fnl
2020 pico-8 super-corgi-drifter.p8


Number Engine file notes
2021 tic-80 snowfort-siege.fn Secret Santa Jam


A toolbox for TIC-80 Janet games. Copy/paste what you need into your cart and edit as you please. Thats what I've done with the games here, so dont think theres any fancy building or includes.