Collection of sound samples for Uxn
Add conversion script, README and licence.


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#Uxn-compatible sound samples


#How to use

The files in uxn are split into two directories:

  • the 11025 files are sampled at 11.025 kHz and should be played in Uxn at two octaves below middle C for their natural pitch, in other words, by writing #24 to pitch instead of #3c; and

  • the 22050 files are samples at 22.050 kHz and should be played only one octave below middle C for their natural pitch, by writing #30 to pitch instead of #3c.

The samples in 22050 usually sound crisper than the ones in 11025, but they take up twice the space for the same amount of time. Samples that were over 8 KiB large before conversion have been excluded from this repository as too few of them would fit in the 64 KiB of Uxn memory to be that useful. If you'd like samples longer than that, edit convert.sh and comment out the indicated line.

#Previewing samples

You can play these samples outside Uxn with aplay or similar:

aplay -f U8 -r 11025 uxn/11025/st-b5/*
aplay -f U8 -r 22050 uxn/22050/st-b5/*

#Converting samples yourself

The convert.sh does all the work here, and requires Bash and SoX to be installed to work. If you have already downloaded the st-XX.lha files, copy them into the same directory as convert.sh to avoid downloading all the archives again.