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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Generate HTML files from Gemtext files


  1. Have a recent version of Rust installed (see https:/rustup.rs for mor information on that)
  2. Run cargo run, it will convert all files in the input directory to the output one.
  3. Enjoy!


This tool does not sanitize the HTML in any way, so do not convert untrusted inputs, or the output may be totally invalid.


In order to get a good experience with both the HTML and Gemtext output, there is a small templating system.
The usage is as follows, for now only in the URL of the links:

  • {{{}} (three opening and two closing brackets) is replaced by {
  • {{}}} (two opening and three closing brackets) is replaced by }
  • {{prot}} is replaced by the protocol of the file being generated (https for HTML, and gemini for Gemtext)
  • {{ext}} is replaced by the extension of the file being generated (html for HTML, and gmi for Gemtext)

No replacement will ever be done in code blocks


This repo uses sr.ht, which provides an all-email interaction protocol.

#General discussions

Send an email to ~albertlarsan68/gem2html-discuss@lists.sr.ht.

#Bug reports, issues

Check if your problem is already reported at https://todo.sr.ht/~albertlarsan68/gem2html.
If it does not exist, send an email to ~albertlarsan68/gem2html@todo.sr.ht, it will create a ticket.

#Proposing changes

Check if someone else does not already work on your problem, at https://lists.sr.ht/~albertlarsan68/gem2html-devel.
To submit your patch use git send-email, send it to ~albertlarsan68/gem2html-devel@lists.sr.ht


Licensed under either of

at your option.