Search engine for NixOS, nix-darwin and home-manager users
chore: release 0.1.8
build: update nix package version number automatically
fix: nil panics rendering last page of search results



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A search tool to find options and packages in the NixOS ecosystem. Aims to be like search.nixos.org with more sources:

There is an instance running at searchix.alanpearce.eu, which uses the following channels, with updates attempted daily:

  • nixos-options: nixos-unstable
  • nixpkgs: nixos-unstable
  • darwin: master
  • home-manager: master

You can also run it yourself, if you're feeling bold. It's very light-weight!



Expect breakage. Search results are not expected to match the quality of search.nixos.org, the priority is more on having multiple sources in one location.

Feel free to report bugs at sourcehut or open a discussion either on the mailing list or on NixOS community forum.


I missed having a tool like search.nixos.org but for nix darwin and home manager[^1].

I wanted to contribute something to the nix community. 🩵

Also, I wanted to learn Go!


  • Lean/simple
  • Responsive (i.e. low latency)
  • Minimal JavaScript for progressive enhancement
  • Quickly switch between (options) sources with the same query
  • Querying "git" should give relevant results:
    • Options: programs.git.{enable,package}
    • Packages: git/gitMinimal/gitFull...



See docs/developing.md

[^1]: It was only during development that I found Home Manager Option Search