Version 1.5.0
layouts: Fix error in Haven invocation
layouts: Update Haven invocation

If the user has configured a cookie consent information URL we will
show it in the banner.
README.md: Update Google Analytics description

Now consent is mandatory if you enable Google Analytics.
layouts: Test for existence of Google Analytics ID

Previously we showed the Cookie Usage banner if the site's config
had a cookie consent URL specified. As of 2018-05 (GDPR) it makes
more sense to only display this banner if the site has a Google
Analytics ID set. Because we are using Haven for consent manage-
ment we can now inject Google Analytics automatically after the
user has agreed, so we no longer need to use Hugo's internal te-
README.md: Update feature description for Google Analytics
CHANGELOG.md: Move unreleased changes to v1.5.0
CHANGELOG.md: Add note about Haven
Use haven for GDPR popup instead of cookieconsent

Haven is newer and more well maintained (and also it is actually
open source instead of open core with an upsell to a paid subscrip-
tion). Haven is configured to be 100% *opt-in* for Google Analytics,
which means it does not load or send a hit until the user agrees.

This is mostly a drop-in replacement, but translations need to make
sure the following strings are updated:

- cookieAccept
- cookieDecline
CHANGELOG: Add unreleased changes
Regenerate static assets
package.json: Run npm update

Minor version bumps to webpack, fontawesome, and node-sass.
Bootstrap v4.5.0

See: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/releases/tag/v4.5.0
Revert ".travis.yml: Use an LXD container instead of VM"

This reverts commit faa3c3cf5bf96fb6e4c0cb05b6232c3bfde45127.

Build took over six minutes for each Node.js version because NVM
had to build each from source. So yeah, let's go back to amd64 VMs.
.travis.yml: Use an LXD container instead of VM

We need to specify OS and Arch in order to use an LXD container in-
stead of a VM. This should theoretically be much faster according
to the Travis docs. Here we are building on arm64 because there is
no amd64 container support right now, but it shouldn't matter beca-
use we are only doing npm build.

See: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/reference/overview/
.travis.yml: Don't use Node.js v14

It is not released yet.

See: https://nodejs.org/en/about/releases/
.travis.yml: Update

Remove deprecated sudo, update Node.js versions to current actively
maintained and LTS versions, use Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic" environment
instead of 16.04 "Xenial".
CHANGELOG.md: Add note about DE i18n strings
3c21de9f — Marcel Mellor 1 year, 5 months ago
Added missing language keys DE
exampleSite/config.toml: Show how to override date format