Fork of lines.love supporting a very simple form of hyperlinks to local files
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A fork of lines.love that experiments with a simple implementation of hyperlinks to local files. If any word surrounded by whitespace (that doesn't wrap around multiple lines) is also the name of a file relative to the current directory, it renders in blue with an underline and can be clicked on to switch to the corresponding file.

Designed above all to be easy to modify and give you early warning if your modifications break something.

#Getting started

Install LÖVE. It's just a 5MB download, open-source and extremely well-behaved. I'll assume below that you can invoke it using the love command, but that might vary depending on your OS.

To run from the terminal, pass this directory to LÖVE, optionally with a file path to edit.

Alternatively, turn it into a .love file you can double-click on:

$ zip -r /tmp/text.love *.lua

By default, it reads/writes the file lines.txt in a directory relative to this app.

To open a different file, drop it on the app window.

#Keyboard shortcuts

While editing text:

  • ctrl+f to find patterns within a file
  • ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+x to cut, ctrl+v to paste
  • ctrl+z to undo, ctrl+y to redo
  • ctrl+= to zoom in, ctrl+- to zoom out, ctrl+0 to reset zoom
  • alt+right/alt+left to jump to the next/previous word, respectively
  • mouse drag or shift + movement to select text, ctrl+a to select all

Exclusively tested so far with a US keyboard layout. If you use a different layout, please let me know if things worked, or if you found anything amiss: http://akkartik.name/contact

#Known issues

  • No support yet for Unicode graphemes spanning multiple codepoints.

  • No support yet for right-to-left languages.

  • Undo/redo may be sluggish in large files. Large files may grow sluggish in other ways. Works well in all circumstances with files under 50KB.

  • If you kill the process, say by force-quitting because things things get sluggish, you can lose data.

  • Can't scroll while selecting text with mouse.

  • No scrollbars yet. That stuff is hard.

#Mirrors and Forks

This repo is a fork of lines.love, an editor for plain text where you can also seamlessly insert line drawings. Its immediate upstream is text.love, a version without support for line drawings. Updates to it can be downloaded from:

Further forks are encouraged. If you show me your fork, I'll link to it here.


Most appreciated.