San Francisco


Building simple, low-maintenance programs that reward curiosity about their internals.


An editor for plain text where you can also seamlessly insert line drawings


Export files created using lines.love to HTML and SVG https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/108580451364837131


In-progress browser for a directory of text files


Programming environment for editing various of my live apps without restarting them.


visualize a Mastodon thread


little tool for building Wardley maps


graph drawing tool


Demo of an experimental lua-based markup language


Truly independent, forkable web browser


In-progress note-taking app based on lines.love


little tool for tournament cross-tables


A flashcard app for drilling on spellings of words based on audio recordings


Paginator that uses all available screen/window width


Toy brainf**k interpreter; example app that can be modified without restarting


Client for playing 300 publicly available Sokoban puzzles on a computer or phone.

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