San Francisco


Building simple, low-maintenance programs that reward curiosity about their internals.


In-progress browser for a directory of text files


Programming environment for editing various of my live apps without restarting them.


visualize a Mastodon thread


little tool for building Wardley maps


graph drawing tool


Demo of an experimental lua-based markup language


little tool for tournament cross-tables


A flashcard app for drilling on spellings of words based on audio recordings


Paginator that uses all available screen/window width


Toy brainf**k interpreter; example app that can be modified without restarting


A lightweight programming environment for desktop and mobile devices


A little sudoku-like app for helping first-graders practice addition


Fork of lines.love for live programming; useful starting point for further forks


Example repo showing a LÖVE app whose source code can be edited from within the app.


Fork of lines.love supporting a very simple form of hyperlinks to local files

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