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#A Self-hosting Compiler-Compiler

This repo contains a (partially-complete) implementation of Yacc that generates its own parser, but is extremely limited in its feature set. Actually, all it currently does is generate a parser-parser. I was so excited when the self-hosting worked, that I moved on to the next thing without properly documenting it. I hope to document it fully at some point in the future.

By self-hosting I mean that the parser for the Yacc input langauge is hardcoded within the AST I use, and it is from this hardcoded AST that the Yacc program itself is generated. You can find the hardcoded AST here.

This works because any Yacc implementation must have two main components:

  1. A parser to take the parser description provided in a *.y file and produce an AST

  2. A generator to take this AST and produce (the C source for) a parser.

Hardcoding the AST for the Yacc language, though unnecessary, leads to an implementation that is beautiful (at least conceptually) and recursive and feels paradoxical.

You can test the program as follows (but remember! the implementation is very bare-bones):

./yacc examples/calc.y

and you should get something like

line   → expr \n
expr   → expr + term | term
term   → term * factor | factor
factor → ( expr ) | DIGIT

corresponding to the grammar in calc.y. By careful examination of the Makefile you can confirm that I'm using the generated parser only.