A (nearly) minimal breakout board for the EBAZ4205
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#EBAZ4205 Minimal Breakout

A (nearly) minimal breakout board for the EBAZ4205.

EBAZ4205 and breakout board

This breakout board makes the popular EBAZ4205 easier to use:

  • Access to 42 labeled IO pins using a standard .1" (2.54 mm) header
  • Power the EBAZ4205 using a standard DC barrel jack (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm)
  • Power PMOD peripherals using built-in 3.3 V regulator

I sell on Tindie


You can find a complete BOM on Octopart, I found the 2 mm pitch connectors for the EBAZ4205 data connectors (J1-J3) on AliExpress.

You can find the Gerber files for fabricating a PCB in the fabrication directory. I have used JLCPCB to make the PCBs.

I am selling assembled boards on Tindie.

#3D Printed Base

I've included a simple 3D printed base designed using OpenSCAD.

The sizing for heat-set inserts is incorrect and will require some drilling to fit. I've included the model as I ordered it without these adjustments.

I used Sculpteo's Multi Jet Fusion PA 12 service to make the base.