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_Adopted from [Tom Scott's contact page](https://tomscott.com/contact/reviews)_

I don't review products. Please do not ask me to review products. (If I do in the future, I
may only review products I personally use.)
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may only review products I personally use.)

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## Submitting security patches

If you also want to submit a security patch, please DO NOT mention about the vunlerability
within the patch.
within the patch (unless via the specialized security mailing list mentioned below).

### via email

Please send security patches at [`~ajhalili2006/security@lists.sr.ht`](mailto:~ajhalili2006/security@lists.sr.ht)
instead of the public inbox if you using email.
instead of the public inbox if you using email to submit patches. Access to the mailing list
archives is limited to few trusted people alongside myself.

### as confidential GitLab merge request

When submitting a security-senstive patch in GitLab, don't forget to mark it as
confidential merge request or request to access to security patches-only private fork.
[See GitLab Docs for details](https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/merge_requests/confidential.html).

## See also