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#Jiroh's Kooky Insane Stuff

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Nori's Kooky Insane Stuff in Murder Drones S01EP03

This repository contains content ranging from his personal character dossiers [^1] in different fandoms to some of the unholy grails from the back of his mind, hopefully not suicidal enough to call the ambulance yet[^3].

Don't worry, he's probably fine [^3] other than the regular internalized ableism and too much on "beating himself up harder every time he fucked up" as (actually) Autistic (currently masking like hell IRL, but working on it behind the scenes) person.

#How the actual [CENSORED BY MTRCB] we got here?

From Nori Doorman's wiki page in Murder Drones Fandom for context, under trivia section:

  • A closet containing "NORI'S KOOKY INSANE STUFF" is seen in The Promening, where Khan stores Uzi's crazed ramblings, hinting at her having a paranoid side to her similar to her daughter as during the events of Cabin Fever, Khan explained to Uzi that Nori would tell him to prepare for the "upcoming sky demons", "scary singularities" and a "cool 'S' [she] can draw".

I do dump out thoughts, things that I may need to do (before I got my own planner since 2023 F2F Christmas party in school which albeit unused), and even drawn out UI sketches of my app ideas (mostly either web app or Android, some on terminal interface or desktop) and ungodly amount of manual math calculations on the back of my school notebooks, which other people (especially my subject teachers and even my mom) think I'm wasting papers, so I bought some spare one for my personal use.

And because autistic people tend to have these wiki-like levels of knowledge about their topics of interest (we also call them as special interests or "SpIns" in short), this is probably one of my wildest ideas to publish some of my (not crazed, sometimes chaotic as hell) ramblings and notes to your very own eyeballs since I use StackEdit+[^2], among both Notion and Google Notes in past and currently Coda and Apple Notes[^4].


  • character-dossiers - My personal dossiers of different characters, whenever fictional or real.[^1]
  • drafts - Public drafts for different things, including future blog posts for early feedback. What could possibly go wrong?
  • gitdiff - Me git diffing stuff and then some, not in form of patches.
  • reading-lists - Markdownified version of Medium/Pocket reading lists.

#See also


All Markdown content and original media should be under CC-BY-SA-4.0 unless otherwise noted.

[^1]: Some of these might even gets merged into the Multiverse Wiki at lorebooks.wiki.

[^2]: I'm using the currently and actively maintained fork over the original project due to some various issues.

[^3]: Unless you ask either Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot), Yusaku Fujiki (YGO VRAINS), Fundy (Dream SMP character) or Hunter (The Owl House).

[^4]: I'm not an Apple fanboy (yet), but I have experience using them btw but currently on iCloud and iPhones. Feel free to gift me a MacBook if you do, just ask in Keybase for the address once you have shown me the (wrapped in gift wrapper with receipt for optionally additional remembrance) box.