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Uploads and downloads pages to/from a MediaWiki wiki.

To install: for Windows, there's a syncwiki.exe file in the release notes. Otherwise, you'll have to install Rust, check out this repository, and use the cargo install tool, like so:

git checkout --depth=1 https://git.sr.ht/~enterprisey/syncwiki
cd syncwiki
cargo install --path .


Uploading: either syncwiki upload file.txt "Page Title", or syncwiki upload --read-stdin "Page Title".

Downloading: either syncwiki download "Page Title" file.txt, or syncwiki download "Page Title" --write-stdout.

syncwiki upload can be abbreviated as syncwiki up. syncwiki download can be abbreviated as syncwiki down or syncwiki dn.

For either uploading or downloading, use --wiki fr.wikipedia.org or --wiki URL to specify a wiki.

For uploading, use --summary SUMMARY to give an edit summary. To skip the username prompt, use --username USERNAME to give a username.