Marilao, Bulacan, PH | Across the fediverse + Medium and Substack


Senior high school student at day, future web dev and open-source maintainer/SABDFL at ~recaptime-dev + casual open source contributor at night, Filipino Autistic, he/they. Might slow to reply due to school.

Current status: Currently in school as of 2023-08-29 + hauling over autistic burnout, may slow to reply

#Everything else


A newly refreshed dotfiles repo, built from scratch per https://drewdevault.com/2019/12/30/dotfiles.html.


~ajhalili2006's website, built with Material for Mkdocs


~ajhalili2006's personal packaging recipes, mostly for Alpine Linux


Mirror of my personal dotfiles at https://gitlab.com/ajhalili2006/dotfiles.


Markdownified version of https://andreijiroh.eu.org/user-manual, minus all the JavaScript hellscape and syntax currently unsupported for sr.ht's Markdown renender.


My custom Caddy install with some plugins via xcaddy.


~ajhalili2006's personal golinks via Cloudflare Workers


An awesome list for all things neurodiversity


The source for roleplay-multiverse.lorebooks.eu.org website.


Project hub README on hub.sr.ht for The Bloody Hell PH, ~ajhalili2006's side publication on Substack.


Personal branches for submmiting patches to https://git.sr.ht/~enterprisey/syncwiki

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