A Minetest mod to give your deaths more pizzazz with messages
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#Glamorous Deaths



A Minetest mod to give your deaths some pizzazz with messages. A fork of EvergreenTree's death_messages with fixes and improvements. That mod heroically attempted death reasons through guesswork since the Minetest API didn't give death reasons. Now we can do better!

This mod announces a player's death server-wide. You might recall such behavior from a certain popular mining game or an old-school shooter. The messages are randomized… Unless you don't want that; One can configure the mod to only use the finest message available for each particular death.

Glamorous Deaths uses the internal Minetest API to determine which message to use. For instance, falling in lava will generate different messages than drowning. Additionally, if the player is killed by another player or entity (such as a mob) then it will display the name in a human-friendly way.




There are no dependencies, so merely install via the Minetest content manager or download from ContentDB and follow the official instructions to install mods.

#Submitting issues

The project is hosted on sh.rt. Report issues on the accompanying issue tracker.