License project under AGPL
Compile gemini templates in module

Spaceboy's template rendering doesn't build a module of views at compile
time like phoenix does. I might work on it later, but for now this

It turns my two templates into functions that I can easily call.
Add new variables to home-web-setup as well

Even though they aren't started, they are "required" to get things
going. This is probably a misstep, but I will figure it out later.
Correct type for md2gemini pkg option

It should be a string pointing to the executable.
Correct attrs for md2gemini options

These are namespaced under md2gemini to keep it clear what they do.
Add gemini application

This serves the blog posts (very simply) over gemini.

It utilizes spaceboy as a small-ish framework to provide a plug-like

There was a minor conflict on the ranch dependency, but it seems
everything works as expected.

The updates to the module should work, but it is kind of still a WIP.
Fix displayed date as part of related posts

It is inserted_at, not date.
Unify home_gemini and home_phx

This meant dealing with some weird dependency conflicts, but I couldn't
convince nix to build the whole thing as two separate "poncho"
build: push all nix paths

Just in case things go away or something.
Remove old database creation script

It is broken, and I think it is unnecessary now.
Build Release and NixOS Module for Gemini
Add Gemini Project

Due to some dependency weirdness, a poncho project needed to be made, so
the phoeninx stuff is now under home_phx and new gemini stuff is under

The gemini project needs its own endpoint + nix package + nixos module.
Clarify links, add fun projects

Advent of code is relevant for a while at least. I need more things to
show off.
Add posts page for gemini

Now view additional posts! Related posts are shown at the end of the post.
Set up index for gemspace

Made a fun banner, and set up a list of links to the posts.
Stop decoding email

Now that I am not format-flowed ing things, lines that end with `=` just
get lopped off.

Sorry, ocaml posts!
Move HTTP app to home_phx, start home_gem

Due to conflicting dependencies, I have to make a "poncho" application.
Fortunately, home_gem can still rely on blog, and it is only home_web
really causing problems.
Bump deps

phoenix: 1.5.8 -> 1.6.2
phoenix_html: 2.11 -> 3.1