2d36cdb3 — Erik Winkels 1 year, 5 months ago
Update README.
Update image URL for GitLab.
Add support for more modes, see description.

Add support for column-marker, elfeed, more font-lock-*, gnus, message
and twittering modes.
Add `hightlight`, `keyword` and `subdued` to font shortcuts.
Change `ad-string` to "dark salmon" color.
Fix javaScriptBraces for Vim.
Update powerline and pulse colors.
Bring Jabber colors in line.
Add colors for calfw.
Add colors for org-verbatim and pulse.
Add colors for Wanderlust.
Add more Powerline faces.
Fix company-tooltip-mouse colors.
Bring Vim theme closer to Emacs theme.
Make hl-line darker.
Add colors prefs outside Emacs.

Add config files for software other than Emacs that mirror the Emacs
Remove line noise.
Clean up face assignment.

Another failed attempt at ironing out some bugs in this theme, but
I like how its been cleaned up so keeping this version.
Add more jabber roster settings.
Add legend.
Add settings for Jabber titles.