A noise library for Common Lisp.
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#Black Tie

status: active Quicklisp

The canonical home page for this project is: https://git.sr.ht/~aerique/black-tie

(The library is also pushed to GitLab and GitHub but those sites are not monitored for support.)

#A noise library in Common Lisp



This library is still in it's infancy and only supports very few types of noise yet.

It offers both heavily optimized (tested only on SBCL so far) and reference implementations if they are available.

#To Do

From Matrix #lispgamedev:matrix.org:

If anything, just grep for safety 0 and remove that ASAP :)

Or at least do it in a (locally (declare ..)) sparingly like around array accesses where you are sure your indices are correct.


This project is released under the simplified BSD license.



None. See the examples/textures.lisp.