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kiln 0.3.0

kiln 0.3.0 brings many new features and improvements:

- More sophisticated feed generation with per-task feeds
- Support for per-task base URLs
- Renamed .Permalink to .Path, and added a new variable .URL which takes
  into account the base URL of the task
- Ability to specify which tasks can build a page in frontmatter. Useful
  for excluding content from certain tasks.
- Root page of the site exposed via the site.Root variable
- Improved documentation
- Other bugfixes and improvements

There is also a new companion tool, mdtohtml[1], for converting Markdown
to HTML, although it is currently very basic.

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~adnano/mdtohtml

Adnan Maolood (33):
      dir: Avoid looping through all the feeds
      dir: Combine handling of feeds and deprecated feeds
      dir: Return errors from executing process commands
      site: Clean up deprecation warning
      docs: Move feeds after tasks
      Remove support for deprecated feeds
      site: Add Generated variable
      site: Remove support for site URLs
      atom.xml: Remove unused variable
      config.toml: Remove urls config option
      Merge Page and Dir structs
      page: Sort Dirs
      page: Fix output path for index pages
      site: Implement support for task URLs
      docs: Tweak wording
      Preserve mode bits for static files
      docs: Update template variables
      docs: Add note
      docs: Update example configuration
      docs: Update frontmatter example
      Use github.com/google/shlex to parse commands
      page: Fallback to base template for page/index templates
      docs: Improve page documentation
      docs: Move functions to bottom
      site: Set URL for root directory
      site: Expose root page to templates
      Use path/filepath instead of path
      Use io/fs
      templates/_default/atom.xml: Fix feed URL
      page: Ability to specify build tasks per page
      templates/_default/index.gmi: Minor formatting nit
      config.toml: Update input_dir
      Bump version to 0.3.0

      Update site params to a nested map

earnest ma (1):
      Makefile: Adjust man page file permissions

oliverpool (2):
      fix: prevent panic when static_dir does not exist
      tasks: add tasks.feeds support

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config.toml: Update input_dir

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kiln 0.2.1

kiln version 0.2.1 brings a few minor new features and improvements.

The new exec function allows you to execute commands from within

Extra parameters can now be specified in site configuration and will be
made available to templates.

Adnan Maolood (6):
      funcs: Add exec
      docs: Document exec function
      Update README.md
      Support [params] in site config
      docs: Document site params
      docs: Remove unrelated code snippet

Robert-André Mauchin (1):
      Add missing DESTDIR in man page installation

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kiln 0.2.0

kiln version 0.2.0 brings a lot of changes and improvements.

New features include:

* Frontmatter support
* Base and partial templates
* Configurable permalinks
* Extensibility with external commands
* Static content directory support

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Version 0.1.0 is released!