Update default bindings
browser: Refactor follow mode to use input events
browser: Replace find mode with find command
browser: Support incremental searches
ui/input: Remove copyright notice
text: Remove unnecessary Wrapped field
text: Fix highlights for UTF-8 text
text: Tweak highlight style
command: Implement find prev/next
ui/wrap: Preserve whitespace

Preserve whitespace when wrapping text so that line lengths are
Remove default quit keybinding
browser: Remove unused error return
command: Replace previous/next with tab command
browser: Implement find mode
text: Fix potential data race
browser: Fix incorrect hint position on resize
browser: Tweak hint label drawing
browser: Fix hint label calculation

Padding was wrongly added to the end of the hint label instead of the
Revert "text: Increase padding"

This reverts commit 8e623d17ff34d014565cdc15664f507a48963cf0.
tab: Remove unnecessary whitespace