Makefile: Bump version
main: Remove unnecessary assignment
response: Replace ioutil with io
main: Create config files if they don't exist
Revert "main: Make Version constant"

This reverts commit 625a6367235d91a66908814dd1bf3a4a2f3ed88f.
browser.Command: Don't modify args
Revert "binds: Return copy of matched commands"

This reverts commit ad8592308de90c5d2d9eb706683fc8ddf32b240c.
binds: Return copy of matched commands
main: Replace os.IsNotExist with errors.Is
doc: Remove note about command mode activation
Makefile: Remove reference to binds.conf
browser.{Previous,Next}: Make tab visible
command: Rename prev to previous
config/astronaut.conf: Add previous and next bindings
command: Reorder commands
about: Remove handleFile
main: Handle config loading errors
main: Make Version constant
config: Move search URL directive to search children