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doc: Document jump mode
2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M config/astronaut.conf
M doc/astronaut.1.scd
M config/astronaut.conf => config/astronaut.conf +2 -1
@@ 12,6 12,8 @@ follow {

bind : prompt
bind f follow
bind j jump
bind o prompt "open "
bind O newtab && prompt "open "
bind e prompt open $url

@@ 34,4 36,3 @@ bind b bookmark
bind ctrl-b open about://bookmarks
bind s prompt "search "
bind q quit
bind f follow

M doc/astronaut.1.scd => doc/astronaut.1.scd +5 -0
@@ 26,6 26,11 @@ The following commands are supported:
	Enters follow mode. Visible links will be assigned a unique label, and
	can be focused by typing the label.

	Enters jump mode. A table of contents will be presented as a series of
	links. Clicking a link will jump to the location of the heading in the

*open* <url>
	Opens the given URL. If the scheme is ommitted, a scheme of "gemini" is