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title: Gemini Specification Proposals

This document keeps track of proposed clarifications to the Gemini specification.

Last updated: 2021-03-02

## Pending proposals

=> https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/3 Clarify that META cannot be empty.
=> https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/3 Clarify that META cannot contain LF before the final CRLF.
* Clarify that Gemini URL queries MUST (not SHOULD) use %20 instead of +.
=> https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/2 Clarify that servers MUST send TLS close notify before closing the connection.
=> https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/8 Clarify that clients MUST NOT send fragments to the server.
* Clarify the purpose of alt text.

## Resolved proposals

* Clarify that clients MUST use SNI.
* Clarify that requests must contain a scheme.

## Rejected proposals

(none yet)

## See also

=> https://lists.orbitalfox.eu/archives/gemini/2020/004447.html Outstanding issues
=> gemini://gemini.bortzmeyer.org/gemini/missing.gmi Stéphane Bortzmeyer's list