Fix erroneous loading indicator on errors
Fix erroneous loading indicator when clicking non-Gemini links
ui: Redesign error pages

Use a modified version of the error page design from Valalander.
Update Dependencies
gemtextview: Enable line wrapping for pre alt text

Lets some previously wrongly full-width pages wrap properly
README: Clarify maintenance status
gemini: Make clippy happy
tofu: Make clippy happy
gemini: Make clippy happy
gemtextview: Put a note for myself for later
Update dependencies
gemtext: Fix preformatted block leftovers

Preformatted blocks left over their ending "```". Hide those with a dumb
gemtextview: Redraw parent on preformatted blocks

This fixes some drawing issues regarding preformatted blocks,
Try fixing About window close button

The close button doesn't appear on my system, probably because of an
interaction between GTK and the DE/WM, so this is another blind fix.
Update dependencies
Try fixing startup crash

Doesn't happen on my dev environment so this is mostly a blind fix.
ci: Do not strip builds

Helps with debugging
Error message improvements
Get rid of some unsafe destroys

One still remains