My supplementary, unofficial package manifests for Void Linux
feat: Add sioyek-git package
remove: Remove txr, it's up to date in the repos now
Remove python3-bpython


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

These are some supplementary package templates for Void Linux (xbps), which I made primarily for personal use or testing purposes. If you want to add them to the official void-packages, I'm not stopping you, but I also don't guarantee that these templates work. It would be nice if you let me know, so I can help to maintain the official template instead of duplicating efforts.

Most importantly, READ THROUGH TEMPLATE FILES BEFORE USE! Otherwise you risk breaking your wonderful Void Linux system.

You will need a fork of void-packages to use these anyway, because the binary packages need to be built with xbps-src after copying the folders into void-packages/srcpkgs. Local binary packages can then be installed using xi from xtools.