A warm, 16-color theme for the vis editor
5bd112a1 — adigitoleo 3 months ago
fix: Fix blue color for dark theme
ae3f44e0 — adigitoleo 3 months ago
feat: Make light yellow slightly darker
af5dce80 — adigitoleo 8 months ago
Remove unnecessary vis:info clutter



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A warm, 16-color theme for the vis editor.



Copy the mellow.lua file into $HOME/.config/vis/themes/.


Apply the theme with set theme mellow. Use vis:command('set theme mellow') in the INIT section of your visrc.lua to apply the theme automatically on startup.

This theme registers a custom option mellow_dark which toggles the dark mode (yes, there is also a light theme!). For screenshots, please see my vim theme of the same name, however note that the lexers in vis are not yet as powerful as those in (neo)vim. In other words, it won't look exactly the same, because vis applies the colors differently.


Please submit patches via plain text email to ~adigitoleo/vis-mellow-develop@lists.sr.ht.

See also https://git-send-email.io/ for a tutorial on using git to prepare patches.