Dotfiles, configs and scripts for the Linux habitat
9121d143 — adigitoleo 7 days ago
feat: Use readline keybinds in maxima
20166a94 — adigitoleo 22 days ago
fix: Set noexpandtab in .bib files
09f1c901 — adigitoleo 23 days ago
fix: Add default Julia packages before trying to load them


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Dotfiles, configs and scripts for the Linux habitat. I manage these files with the Git-based yadm tool.

I use both Void and Arch Linux as daily drivers on different machines. My preferred window manager is Sway (x86_64 Wayland) and I don't own NVIDIA GPUs so don't expect any proprietary driver configurations or obsessive performance optimisations. My tenure in the terminal (alacritty with tmux) outweighs any focus on graphical interfaces, which are not well suited to the spartan development conditions of Open Source.

Most or all of my shell scripts should be self sufficient, written in either Python, Nim, or POSIX shell, and are likely the most portable components. They can be found in the .local/bin/ folder, e.g.

  • doi2bib, a bibliographic metadata querying tool using the CrossRef API,
  • enter, a SSH wrapper that sets up Wayland network transparency (video forwarding),
  • musicplayer, an extremely simple music player TUI using fzf, among others...

My <200 line .zshrc sets up asynchronous Git status indicators and is aware of remote login sessions, and my rather more unwieldy NeoVim configuration (900+ lines of .config/nvim/init.vim not counting filetype specific features in .config/nvim/after/) provides comprehensive code linting, Git integration, and general IDE features (including floating terminals, without any plugin).

For more about me, you can check my website, which lists any more substantial projects and might eventually host articles worth reading...