release: Release v3.1.2
da7c9d66 — adigitoleo 7 months ago next
Prepare v3.1.2
cd999ac0 — adigitoleo 7 months ago
dev: Update todo list
bc8ebcd8 — adigitoleo 7 months ago
test: Ensure NetCDF file in the test suite is closed properly
458ab901 — adigitoleo 7 months ago
dev: Upgrade github repo checkout action
855ac968 — adigitoleo 7 months ago
dev: Fix Linux build manifest
877e2290 — adigitoleo 7 months ago
dev: Use archlinux for Linux CI, and run Windows CI on more branches
a1fe4ad0 — adigitoleo 11 months ago
test: Declare package symbol as const
fix: Fix typo in NetCDF creation
refactor: Make package version number into a const
release: Release v3.1.1

See docs/src/changelog.md for an overview of the changes.
dev: Improve metadata and fix README dev info
release: Prepare release v3.1.1
build: Remove git-clone package from docs manifest, pull package in make.jl

The version in the docs manifest would not match the new release,
since the release is not registered yet.
This commit avoids testing the documentation build with the wrong package version.
dev: Fix contributor/maintainer release guidelines

New guildelines are in line with Julia's Registrator.jl process.
docs: Add Windows CI badge and update installation command
dev: Avoid running NetCDF tests on Windows (currently broken)

Can't use `broken=cond` with the @testset macro :(
dev: Mark NetCDF tests as broken on Windows

The NetCDF_jll/HDF5 issue will need more debugging on Windows.
dev: Attempt to mitigate NetCDF Windows issue

The NetCDF write test fails on Windows, perhaps something similar to:
Try to mitigate by forcing an older NetCDF_jll version for now.
dev: Check if NetCDF/NCDatasets is causing the Windows error