a digito cognoscitur leo

Ask me about my projects via my public inbox, unless they have a dedicated mailing list.

NeoVim plugins: haunt.nvim | quark.nvim | overview.nvim

This was also me: github | codeberg


Dotfiles, configs and scripts for the Linux habitat


A warm, 16-color theme for the vis editor


View and navigate a table of contents for markup files


Floating windows for terminals, man pages and help buffers


Fuzzy pickers to open files, switch buffers and execute ex-commands


Utilities for VTK mesh formats


Read socklog log files


Search and insert unicode characters in vis


Various utilities for computational geodynamics


My supplementary, unofficial package manifests for Void Linux


Fork of diamond GUI tool extracted from Fluidity


ANSI log colorizer


Code for (at least) all TikZ diagrams used on my website


Plate motion requests using the UNAVCO Plate Motion Calculator

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