Change spacing

Aesthetic.  Removed space before parentheses, tho:
save 1b.
Use ^D instead of ZZ

One byte control character.
Saves 2b
Don't force removal of O; it should remove on its own

saves 1b
Don't exit on error

saves 3b
Move TM to L; change I/ file names

TM->L saves 3b
changing I/ filenames to include the output extension before the input extension
saves 4 bytes, and it's more flexible: it can output any type of files now.
Add links to repos
Add CONTRIBUTIN section (and a gif\!)
Update script type
Add installing and running section
Update file extensions
Update style name
Update variables
Abort on error
Update byte counts
Change styling and make things less safe
Move brackets outside email
Add link to LICENSE
Add some sample posts