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#title: Projects

I've done a couple of larger projects over the years as well. Some are hosted elsewhere; when those elsewheres retire I move the project back here. Sometimes the whole thing is completely lost. I'll just tell you about those.


Interstitial - [2018]{.date} : I decided to rebuild my site from scratch. At first, I was going to write my own static site generator with Python but it failed. I put this up while I worked on the new thing. In the interest of keeping everything, I'm leaving it here.

Autocento of the breakfast table - [2015]{.date} : My master's thesis, a hypertextual collection of pretty much all my work to date (in 2015), including a lot of smaller projects like The Book of Hezekiah, Buildings out of air, or my undergraduate thesis work. It's not the first time I really used pandoc and Make to build a project, but I lost the source code to the very first time (my undergraduate thesis), and it was the first time I built something like it for the web. It's hosted at Gitlab, if you want to see the source.

::: {style="font-family: 'Comic Neue', 'Comic Sans', 'Comic Sans MS', sans-serif;"} LOOSE POOPS - [2015]{.date} : LOOSE POOPS are sometimes a surprise. LOOSE POOPS are an artist collective. LOOSE POOPS are because revision is sometimes tiresome. LOOSE POOPS are explorations into the child parts of ourselves. LOOSE POOPS are gorilla art. : LOOSE POOPS was an ill-fated art collective that was built around the idea that art didn't need to be polished to be art. We had one "make," at an art showcase in Flagstaff, AZ called SSOO. We took a lot of photos on disposable cameras and brought them to a coffee shop and encouraged the audience to cut them up and make them into collages. It was a lot of fun but a lot of people flaked on us. I want to do it again but I don't know if anyone would join me. :::

Elegies for alternate selves[pdf] - [2012]{.date} : My honor's thesis for UTC. In many ways, it's the precursor to Autocento of the Breakfast Table, not least in that Autocento swallowed Elegies whole. I was also playing with hypertext in this work, albeit in print -- I'm still sad that I lost the LaTeX source code that included functions to generate the crossreferences in the margins.

E-Chapbooks - [2012]{.date} : I made some online chapbooks for an undergraduate writing workshop I was in. They were on the department webpage, for a while, but they've since been taken down and forgotten.


Vim plugins : vim-face, a no-nonsense theme with very little highlighting, inspired by syntax off and nofrils. My current scheme. : vim-hiliter, precursor to vim-face, with highlights instead of faces. : vim-tenhundred, a spellfile to make you use the 1000 most common words in English.

Forks : dmenu-overkill, a fork of dmenu-ee, a fork of dmenu, which I don't use any more anyway. Why am I including it here?

Others : townie, the source code of my presences at tilde.town. : UNK, a tiny static site generator (<1000 bytes) in POSIX awk and shell.