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#title: What I'm up to

::: note Inspired by KMS, see also nownownow.com. :::


  • The music of what happens by Bill Konigsberg
  • When I grow up I want to be a list of further possibilities by Chen Chen

Soon, I'm going to start a project where I read every book on my bookshelf straight through. That should be fun.


I just completed a site redesign! I'm very happy with it. I'm still tweaking some things and I'm about to work on the backend a bit, but it looks very good right now.

I've just begun a series on Mozart where I listen to every piece in the Köchel catalog in order. I'm posting a new one every Monday under the heading Mozart Monday.

I've also just started a series called "Moon Photos" where I'll write something based on this list of AI-generated titles every day for a year.

I also administrate a webring for writers in the Fediverse.


I'm getting married in October! I'm very excited. Planning is going swimmingly: we've got the venue, the DJ, the caterer, the invite list. We've sent out the Save the Dates and we just did our registry. This month we're getting our rings.

We just sampled some cakes as well, and man oh man they are delicious!