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title: Links

I'm a little too young to really remember the big links pages online, but a pparently they were pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that some people are bringing them back. I thought I'd include a links page too.


I've been so happy to discover that some friends of mine (in meatspace, even!) have their own web spaces, too. This section also includes people who I think are cool, but have never met.

Plenum creaturis ~ A guy I work with at the library is also a preacher. He takes notes on the Hebrew and Greek verses in the lectionary calendar. I admit I'm not totally sure what that means, but it's pretty interesting stuff.

Dreamsongs Poem-a-Day project ~ Richard Gabriel has been writing a poem every day since 2000. He might've stopped around 2017, though. I literally just found out about this. Still, I find it very impressive that he kept it up that long. It's inspired me.

Let People Poems ~ A site I wrote on a while when drunk and in college. It's a neat idea: you email the admin, they make you an editor, then you can post poems whenever. It was taken over by spam a few times but it's back now.


A.K.A., my personal link-hoard of stuff I want to bookmark but don't want t o bookmark, you know what I mean?

256 Colors Cheat Sheet ~ All 256 X11 colors and their names, hex, RGB, HSL values.


Mousercise ~ A mouse-training reference from the Palm Beach County library. I had great fun honing my mousing skills!

Astronomy Picture of the Day ~ NASA runs this site, showing a new astronomy picture every day. I had it as my phone wallpaper for a while using IFTTT.

Cosmic Voyage ~ A collaborative world-building tilde about the far future and space trave l.

#My old stuff

Like a hope chest of old internet crap. I might repost stuff from these to acdw.net, but probably not for a while.

Liquid Fist ~ A blog I had for a few months in college. Mostly contains poems, I think. I really was proud of the banner image.

The Spleen Qi Deficiency ~ A two-poster from my project LOOSE POOPS. It's a little ~r a n d o m~ , if you ask me.