Add burgercontrol recipe
Version 0.3: add autossh support

Added autossh support. mrgrctrnl will default to using autossh if it's
installed; otherwise it'll do ssh in a while loop.

I did include 'ExitOnForwardFailure=yes' in my ~/.ssh/config, but I'm
thinking I should include that in __SSH_OPTIONS to be more robust. Might
be in 0.3.1 or whatever.

Another thing in 0.3.1 should be man pages and stuff. Maybe that'll be
0.4. I like version bumps.

CHANGES HERE (right, that's what this message is for):

- add autossh support: -S forces ssh ; -A forces autossh
- rewrite usage; add config file example
- change config file syntax (backward-compatible)
- add a few other commandline options
Version 0.2

A LOT of changes here. Mostly I tried to make it more robust, and to
actually quit when I want it to quit. I also rewrote a lot of the
functions and stuff. I feel pretty happy with it now, enough to make it
an actual project on sourcehut.
Add key and rest fields and improve ssh calls
Add -k option to kill