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0.4.3 Hotfix: Another Makefile issue

Call this one "The folly of untested pushes."

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0.4.2: Fix regression in Makefile

`make` was throwing an error since `install` wasn't creating necessary
directories anymore.  I added the `-D` flag to `install`.

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0.4.1: Fix regression with virtual hosting (or something)

This version fixes a bug where, when using a server that had two domains
on one IP, the domain that wasn't on the server cert threw a 53 error.
The fix was simple: I added the -servername parameter to the openssl
invocation in gemini_request, which I'd had earlier but removed because
of my (apparently mistaken and/or hallucinated) reading of some manual
that stated -servername was automatically given if -connect stated the

At any rate, the regression should now be fixed.  It at least works with
the one site that was causing problems.

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0.4.0: Add Gopher support

With this release, `bollux` has (somewhat rudimentary) support for the
gopher protocol, using the `gopher://` URL scheme.  I still want to add
more customizability as to a default protocol as well as specifying
other handlers, and to improve Gopher support (which I'm learning is
fairly complex to do well, since Gopher doesn't tell a client much about
the actual state of the document served).

For now though, I need to work on completing Gemini support, which means
- TOFU implementation
- client certificate generation
- (stretch goal) basic caching

Though I hope to add bookmarking support and better history browsing,
I'm not sure that will be an actual point release.  We'll see I guess.
I've been learning a lot about releasing software with this project.  I
need to think more about what 1.0 will look like, and what I want to be
included in bollux for it to be considered 1.0-ready.

Other changes

- localize function variables
- add BOLLUX_TIMEOUT for connections (default: 30s)
- revert (sort of) ssl_cmd -- it uses the highest-available TLS version by
  default, so calling tls1_3 then tls1_2 was unnecessary.  I just had to disable
  old TLS versions. Thanks to makeworld in \#gemini for the help.
- Allow for typing URLs in OPEN dialog
- Update documentation

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This version cleaned up the code a bit and implemented history.

It's mostly a preparation for a big change that's in the works, with


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Fix regression in config file reading

bollux didn't read the correct config file
($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bollux/bollux.conf). Now it does.

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bollux 0.2.1

Hotfix for line endings.
CRLF, CR, and LF should be corrected to just LF.

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bollux v0.2

v0.2 adds better (and completely bash-based) typesetting of text/gemini
documents, as well as improved (also completely bash) resource
transformation.  Bollux should be able to understand any spec-compliant
URL thrown at it now.

As far as typesetting is concerned, see bollux.conf(5) for details on
the added configuration variables.

TODO for v0.3 and BEYOND

I want to focus on history and bookmark navigation for v0.3.
Later on, I want to move more of bollux over to pure bash
implementations, hopefully including the pager.
I also want to add more keybinds and a way to configure them.

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Fix dumb mistake

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Add less prompts