Change implementation of URL array
Handle unknown protocols better (by not handling them)
Reload page if no links
Implement 'sleep' as a builtin
Set BOLLUX_URL on 3* status codes
Fix bye message
Comment less invocation
Remove unneeded variables
Fold text better

`fold_line` now has a lot of options that determine how to fold the
text so that each line can be separately styled with ANSI escapes.  It
turns out that `less` only styles the first line of multi-line blocks
that are ANSI-escaped, so this was necessary to make it look "good."
Enable extglob on extglob
Log function name
Notes for TOFU
Specify permissions
Actually fix regression in Makefile
Escape URL queries
Fix regression with BOLLUX_URL not being set
Change formatting of quotes and fix list
Add quote support to text/gemini typesetting
Add -servername to openssl command