Merge branch 'main' of tildegit.org:acdw/bollux
Add README install advice to remove /usr/bin/bollux
Change default T_PRE_DISPLAY to both,pre,alt
Change default pre-cycle to 'p'
Make shellcheck happy
Merge branch 'main' of tildegit.org:acdw/bollux
Add note for srht
HOTFIX: actually LOAD the config file

Bollux was trying to load the config from $XDG_CONFIG_DIR, which /isn't/
anything, so far as XDG is concerned.  It's been fixed to
XDG_CONFIG_HOME -- and I've added a DEBUG variable to make debugging
stuff /even easier/ later.

It's really a typesetting option, so I changed the namespace.
Unix file endings
Add BOLLUX_PRE_DISPLAY and functionality (fix #1)

Configuration option: BOLLUX_PRE_DISPLAY
- comma-separated list of following options: 'pre', 'alt', 'both'
- default: 'pre,alt,both'

Keybind: `
- when pressed, will cycle through the options in BOLLUX_PRE_DISPLAY

Full documentation coming in the next commit.
Reword comment
Shorten lines

Wanted to make sure all lines are less than 80 characters.
Disable shellcheck in usplit

The local variables aren't picked up by shellcheck because of the printf level
of indirection I do later in the function, which is the reason /why/ I use a
variable in the first argument to printf.
Add -S to less_cmd (fix #9)

Should keep from wrapping pre-formatted blocks.
Run shfmt on the buffer
1992bbc9 — Case Duckworth 10 days ago
Merge pull request 'add shellcheck with drone' (#8) from ben/bollux:drone-shellcheck into main

Reviewed-on: https://tildegit.org/acdw/bollux/pulls/8

Dope, thanks!!

(Still learning ;) )
add drone shellcheck badge
add shellcheck with drone
Trap SIGINT: fixes #3