Update installation instructions.
renderTemplate doesn't actually need to take an interface{} even though it's passing to one. Let's tighten up our side more.
Add hard breaks to the usage section with fold(1)
Fixed a typo in the markdown of README.md
Update the README finally
Add a .gitignore
Make sure the tags are sorted by date too, not just the main posts.
Add dates to the tags page
Allow a specific path to be passed in as the directory to read files from. This cleaned up a bit of the path code, but it still needs a solid going over with Pathify.
Add command-line flags. Only thing missing is to allow a specific path to be passed in as the directory to read files from
Run go fmt and clean up the code style slightly
[3/n] Finish ripping all hard-coding out of the templates. Now everything lives in the config. This makes merging template updates easier.
[2/n] Implement RSS feeds. They probably work?
[1/n] This is a cleanup of a lot of the templating formating to prepare them to use the variables available in the config file
An initial implementation of config files
An initial implementation of dates and sorting.
Auto-expand the relevant tag on the tags page if we link directly to it. Turns out it was one line of javascript. ~abyxcos/smallblog#4
Add proper walking of directories. Pass the appropriate path around. ~abyxcos/smallblog#2
Add go module support resolving ~abyxcos/smallblog#6
Create the index page. Also break the post page out into a template that can be re-used.