Scripts/utilities ported to OpenBSD
Clean up the shell and add support for IPV6/AAAA addresses.
Clean up the script slightly. Still needs work.
Add a LICENSE file


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#OpenBSD scripts

A collection of tools, scripts, and utilities either written or ported to OpenBSD using as few dependencies as possible. These scripts are intended for use on systems that may not have many packages installed, such as routers.


Pastebin is a perl script using only HTTP::Tiny from base. It can upload files to any pastebin that has a sensible API. Right now it has support for http://ix.io/ and http://sprunge.us/.


uname -a | pastebin
pastebin < errors.log


Dyn_gandi are scripts to update Gandi DNS with your current egress IP. The perl version requires p5-IO-Socket-SSL and p5-Net-SSLeay from packages while the shell version makes use of nc(1) in base.


echo -n "my_secret_api_key" > /root/.gandi.key
dyn_gandi.pl domain subdomain
dyn_gandi.sh domain subdomain


Json_pp is just a wrapper around tr(1) to make JSON a little more human-readable (pretty print). It may also be able to stand in where you might otherwise use jq in a script to have an easier time grepping fields out of a run-on JSON blob.


ftp -o - https://json.example.com/ | json_pp