Jump to 23.11. Migrate gitea options to forgejo proper.
Import my beets config.
Turn on keycloak (SSO)
Set forgejo to remember our login for a useful amount of time. Default is 7 days.
Nginx isn't automatically enabling the firewall rule. Gotta figure out what's up with that.
Enable SSL for our hosted sites now that the router is doing the right thing.
Enable restic backups.
Add a function to write out the nginx vhosts section. Cleans up the config and saves much typing.
Flatten the config. Remove the services block and just name the individual things services-dot. Less tabbing involved. There should be no functional changes here.
Fix the tabbing, remove all spaces. Heretics.
Start proxying navidrome so we can assign a url to it.
Set up forgejo action runners. This requires enabling docker.
d8d667cd — System administrator 11 months ago
Add the unstable packages repo and enable forgejo (gitea).
0771aa3a — System administrator 1 year, 2 months ago
Enable samba.
Enable samba sharing.
Add a grafana/prometheus setup for the pretty dashboard. Based on Xe's post.
Automatic optimization and pruning.
Bond all four physical interfaces together so we can address them under a single ip/domain.
Start using tabs for the config. No major changes, just some organization.
Clean up some old grup options. Remove Vagrant (never committed) in favor of libvirtd and virt-manager for VMs. The XML fragments aren't automatically handled by Nix, we need to manually import them to virsh.