Minor SQL cleanup.
Silly bug with GetPostsByName only getting read or unread posts, we really need a sane option to get all or unread (trinary toggle).
Add a few flags and make the CLI slightly less icky.
Break the download logic out of our update logic. Now we can call download on a feed not in our database, eg to preview posts before we add a feed.
Move our struct definitions to the relevant files now.
Move the old feeds.go that handled the web side of things to webfeeds.go freeing up feeds.go to be the database side of the feeds.
Break up db.go in to more useful files.
Login now takes a receiver.
UpdateFeeds can now take a user receiver again.
Add some spacing and comments to break up db.go a little bit. This might be better to break in to multiple files...
Move our structs back to feeds.go finally.
Consolidate feeds and db in to a single package but two files. This feels like the better separation of concerns.
Move db and feeds to their own modules. Further splitting up and renaming to come.
Start exporting our functions in preperation for making db.go a subpackage.
Unescape any parameters the user sends to us. Silly bug we shouldn't have let get this far.
Add feeds form the web now.
Hide our menu after clicking, and clean up the screen a bit when we go home.
Add a log out feature.
Add some spacer comments to our javascript to break the blocks apart visually. Now easier to find which section new functions should reside in.
Switch back to go-sqlite3 as the pure golang version can't build on OpenBSD.