Makefile: Add guile and ares-rs targets
rde/channels-lock.scm: Update 2023-12-26

To make guile-ares-rs available.
Update support and does pages
bc4cd7ea — Yuval Langer 3 months ago
Fix a minor typo
9ff3572e — Yuval Langer 3 months ago
Fix a minor typo
Update wg scripts
Update pages content
Prevent content moving, when scrollbar is visible
Add wg.sh script
Makefile: Add dependency on guix target for repl
Makefile: Use rsync for deploying site
Update rde web page
channels-lock: Update 2023-08-15
pinky: Add WireGuard and NAT configuration
pinky: Add some useful packages
Add keepalive to proxies upstreams
Add comment about dynamic-wind structure
Add a little space to pre
Fix missspelled contiunations
Use serif by default and adjust size for code