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-   **substitutes:** [http://ci.guix.trop.in](http://ci.guix.trop.in),
    [http://ci.guix.ygg.trop.in](http://ci.guix.ygg.trop.in), the protocol is http!

To use a substitute proxy, specify `--substitute-urls` argument for
all guix subcommands requiring any builds.  For example:

guix build --substitute-urls="https://bordeaux.guix.gnu.org https://ci.guix.trop.in" htop

It will also work for `guix system reconfigure` and many other.

It's also possible to obtain [substitutes via Tor](http://guix.trop.in/en/cookbook/en/html_node/Getting-substitutes-from-Tor.html#Getting-substitutes-from-Tor), directly from
ci.guix.gnu.org host and there is another mirror[^2].